About Us

Sana Ullah Khalil is a passionate blogger and software engineer from lower dir Pakistan. Sana Ullah has experience in video editing, photoshop, illustrator, web designing, SEO, digital marking (Facebook ads), and video scribe.

The purpose of this blog website is to help the people who can,t solve the technical things on electronic devices like PC and Phones. People out there are paying very high money for small things which they can do themself they just need to be educated my goal is just to help these so can solve their problem and learn something form me

I am working in the soft It solution company in Peshawar as I web designer. My goal is to start an academy and teach the nontechnical person skills that can help them, so they can earn for themself  and make them self independent

As I belong from a rural area and I know the difficulties face by these people so I want to educate them and show them the path to development, so they can develop themself and can make their life easy with advance technologies

I learn too many things form my life and the best thing I know is that the best learning is by teaching others so that,s what I am doing now.

If you guys want to make a beautiful website for your self contact me through my contact page.

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