20+ Different Fields of Psychology and their Definition
20+ Different Fields of Psychology and their Definition

Different Fields/Branches of Psychology Explained

Psychology is a really huge field and is split into various branches. In this article, I’m discussing all of the important different fields of Psychology and their definition.

Within the earlier article, I’ve mentioned an “Introduction to psychology” and “Historical past of psychology” in which different folks have defined psychology based on their views.

We will’t merge all fields of psychology in one place, due to this fact; psychology is classified into many different branches. We will be looking all of them in this article.

Use and Significance of Subfields of Psychology:

Every type has its personal utilization and benefits and is relevant to the right place for the appropriate individual.

Different types of psychology have completely different researchers and psychologists that carry out some work and research for that specific and particular discipline.

This subdivision of the psychology discipline will assist us in understanding about different fields and carriers of psychology.

Now I’m going to discuss all branches of psychology and their definitions one after the other.


Different Fields of Psychology and their Definition:

1: Abnormal Psychology:

The phrase “abnormal” means something like uncommon or not regular or something that isn’t occurring in a daily manner.

Abnormality in behavior means the behavior that’s unusual and never based on the rule. Irregular behavior is also the behavior that doesn’t meet the demands of our society. These curious folks have to be handled instantly. So behaviors of all such persons are studied in Abnormal Psychology.

This is the branch of psychology that deals with folks’s uncommon behaviors. The psychologist tries to search out out the explanation and components of their abnormality after which they discover the very best approach to solve their issues and to make them normal.

These patients have to be treated within the medical background.

2: Biological Psychology:

We all know that Biology is mainly referred to as the study of life.

Combining biology and psychology is known as biological psychology. Additionally it is called physiological psychology and psychobiology.

In this, the behavior is studied based on the biological perspective. Right here behavior is linked to the nervous system.

Biological psychologist studies how the mind functions to understand human behavior.

3: Child Psychology:

Child psychology is the branch of psychology that primarily deals with the mentality and behavior of a kid. Child psychology deals with physical, psychological, emotional and social improvement.

Amongst all of the branches of psychology, child psychology is without doubt one of the most complicated branches of psychology.

Child psychologists, Can works within the following other ways:

  • Abnormal baby psychologist.
  • Developmental Psychologists.
  • School and Academic Psychologists.

4: Clinical Psychology:

By the word clinical I mean observation, remedy, and therapy of a struggling affected person. Clinical psychology is important according to the medical perspective.

Clinical psychology is without doubt one of the branches of psychology that mainly deals with the involvement of an individual’s psychological illness and his/her irregular behavior.

These patients are handled by Psychiatrist rather than by Psychologists because Psychiatrists treats the affected person with the assistance of medicines.

I drastically advocate this field to those that have an interest within the field of drugs and never have sufficient approaches to involve themselves in different medical fields.

5: Cognitive Psychology:

By the phrase cognitive I mean one thing that’s associated to cognition. Cognition is mainly the method by which we perceive somebody’s ideas, perceptions, emotions, and so on. by means of experiments and observations.

Cognitive psychology is mainly the study of the psychological improvement of an individual by which we are able to verify their memory power, their views and opinions regarding issues, their creativity in numerous ways, and their ideas over different areas.

6: Comparative Psychology:

Altogether Comparative psychology refers to the examination of animals. In comparative psychology, we examine the psychology of animals. We examine the psychological stage and behavior of animals aside from human beings.

Many of the fields of psychology examine human nature and behavior whereas comparative psychology is the highlighted field that sometimes studies the character and psychology of animals which can be typically linked and associated to humans.

7: Community Psychology:

All my readers might have aware of the term neighborhood or community. The community is mainly the society in which we live.

Community psychology tells us how our society and human beings are correlated with one another. Society has an excellent affect on a person.

Community psychology primarily targets the issues of society and lots of different issues that may instantly or not directly affect the lifetime of a person.

Community psychology focuses on the safety of the rights of its members and tries to find out the solutions for his or her issues.

8: Counseling Psychology:

By the word counseling I mean to offer recommendation to somebody or to advocate something.

Counseling psychology focuses on the normal or common issues of an individual like for instance taking suggestions within the selection of a career.

Counseling psychologists additionally assist people who find themselves under stress or severely depressed. They assist them to come back out of traumas and take them to the path where they’ll stay happily like different regular folks.

9: Developmental Psychology:

In Developmental psychology, we examine the event of people over their full life cycle. It doesn’t include the individual’s physical development and improvement but also its mental, social, emotional, persona, and mental improvement.

Developmental psychology is basically the cognitive examination of humans that how and why human beings change with the passage of time.

10: Educational Psychology:

Educational psychology is the branch of psychology that scientific research concerning the processes of human learning. It research human learning from each aspects expample from cognitive and behavioral.

It research human execution in learning.

11: Environmental Psychology:

Environmental psychology basically examine the interconnection between the surroundings and human beings. It research how does surroundings create its affect on human beings.

12: Forensic Psychology:

Forensic psychology is that branch of psychology that deals with the understanding of each psychology and law on the same time.

It’s basically the relation between psychology and social justice. That is mainly concerned in criminal type of issues.

13: Health Psychology:

Health psychology mainly deals with our health sectors. It research that how our behavior and social components can have an excellent impact on human well being.

The health psychologist additionally research the psychological situation of a affected person that if an individual is affected by some illness and having proper treatment then why that individual isn’t following correct medicines as prescribed by the medical doctors.

14: Media Psychology:

Media psychology primarily targets an interaction between human behavior and media. Mainly, media psychologists examine how do folks link with media and the influence of media on our society.

15: Personality Psychology:

Personality Psychology is one of the branches of psychology that research how one’s character and its variety through every particular person.

Personality psychologists examine the properties of 1’s emotions, ideas, feelings, expressions that identify that individual as unique.

16: Social Psychology:

Social psychology is that field of psychology which examine the interaction of society and humans. It studies how the character of human beings is influenced by its environment or social surroundings.

17. Family Psychology:

Family psychology is a broad and wider subject that’s in some way similar to applied psychology. Family psychology matters so much in order to have a strong relationship with our household.

It teaches people of the family that how can they handle and adjust themselves in a given surroundings.

Family psychology teaches us to resolve the issues of our relations with the help of which we are able to create a powerful bonding and community with them.

Family psychologists are mainly concerned with the better brought up of your loved ones. A newly married couple mainly prefers to seek guidance from family psychologists to be able to live their lives peacefully.

18. School Psychology:

School psychology is considered to be skilled psychology. School psychology performs a positive role within the betterment of our schools, our society, and particularly for our grown-ups in our schools, school psychology is applicable for each students and teachers.

From the student’s perspective, school psychology holds nice significance. School psychology not only improves their studying capabilities but in addition improves their social and emotional behaviors.

From the teacher’s perspective, it’s much more vital. It tells the teachers that how they’ll train students effectively. Its teaching style, instantly and not directly, impacts the students.

School psychology is important for a teacher because a teacher is responsible for its student’s academic success and professional success.

19. Sports Psychology:

Sports psychology is mainly involved together with your mental health and your physical health that’s vital from the sports activities perspective.

With the assistance of sports psychology, a sense of teamwork develops in your character and also you behave better together with your coaches and captains.

Sports psychology makes you sharp-minded and lets you focus in your goal. It will increase your focus energy. It teaches you that the right way to hit stress and stress.

20. Cross-Cultural Psychology:

Cross-Cultural is a newly arising branch within the field of psychology. It mainly studies the behaviors of human beings from a cultural perspective.

It primarily highlights the differences and similarities between cultures and then examines a person from a cultural perspective.

21. Experimental Psychology:

Experimental psychology is especially involved with the exact, logical and methodical investigation of suggestions. It deals with our feelings in addition to our mental exertion.

22. Industrial-Organizational Psychology:

It’s considered applied psychology and applies certain rules to a sector. It mainly works for the betterment and well-being of an organization.

Industrial-organizational psychologists figures out the behavior of staff and their concern and dedication in direction of their work.

After studying this article, I hope you’re well-known for different fields of psychology. Every field has its own purposes and is relevant to its particular space.

Leave a comment when you’ve got any questions in your mind or you need extra clarification to any of the fields of Psychology. Thanks.


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