Importance of English Language for Students in Pakistan (A Deep Analysis)
Importance of English Language for Students in Pakistan (A Deep Analysis)

In this article, I need to let my readers know about the severe situation relating to the Importance of the English language for Students in Pakistan. Readers, have you ever notice I used the phrase issue?

Sure, this is an issue, a severely rising situation, particularly in Pakistan. To finish up this issue, delivering a presentation in English needs to be necessary in Pakistan.

We’ve limit ENGLISH language simply as a topic for ourselves however ENGLISH is way more than you assume.

English isn’t a particular language but keep in your mind please that English is a global language.

It has no danger for you. It’s at all times beneficial for you in Pakistan and outside Pakistan too. It’s helpful for you in each single aspect.

Okay, I’ll begin this argument by explaining the term presentation.



What does an effective presentation imply to you? Does it only imply to convey info as a presenter to your viewers?

We at all times concentrate on the subject of our presentation; we concentrate on the material we gather for delivering our presentation.

However we by no means concentrate on the language like seriously we actually don’t count the English language here.

We by no means take English into consideration for this purpose. Only the gathering of material in English isn’t rocket science, it’s going to by no means present your excellence.

Your excellence will likely be prominent and get highlighted only when you’ll attempt to deliver it within the English language.

Irrespective of your English is nice or bad however at least you need to give it a try. You have to be assured together with your work and you need to work hard to enhance your English talking kill as much as the level where you might be standing right now.

It’s actually disappointing for me to write that Pakistani’s don’t keep perception relating to the English language. This is primarily due to the Education system in Pakistan.

Have you ever ever thought that while you prepare your presentation, you gather the material in English what’s the reason behind this? The reason being that you simply need to have an amazing influence on your self on your viewers.

Then why don’t you take into account the Importance of English Language for Students and deliver the presentation in English and put much more influence of your self in your viewers?


I won’t blame any single particular person for such an act. The issue is rising throughout Pakistan simply and simply due to our education system which is kind of poor and underdeveloped.

So the query arises that from where the issue begins?

Both from school or from college or out of your university so keep studying until the end to search out this interesting answer.


Whenever you get your little one admitted to a school, that is exactly the place where a child should begin studying and speaking English as a language.

However the disappointing factor is that our little one learns English only as a topic not as a language.

This isn’t only the fault of our little one; that is due to the poor instructing standards.

The teachers are only good for teaching English topics however aside from the topic, they’re poor from the speaking standpoint. They don’t seem to be capable of make the students a fluent English speaker.

So that is the foundation from the place a student fails to get preliminary information of learning the English language.

Notice the purpose I’m saying, many times, English language not an English subject because the topic is obligatory to study, you might be provided with the correct course outline and also you simply memorize them to go to the exams and to promote within the new class.

The issue doesn’t finish right here, the identical factor occurs in college, after which the same factor occurs at your University stage.

The issue isn’t that the persons are unable to speak the English language however the issue is that the one who takes curiosity in studying and speaking is badly discouraged and have to face some illiterate remarks particularly when you’re at your university stage.

The main fault is again of our teachers. We’ve extremely certified teachers at our universities.

Most of them are the Doctorate of their topics however they don’t even deliver a single lecture in English. And those that deliver in English are  hard for the students to understand due to too many grammatical errors.

We study English until our university stage. However the issue of our education system is that we concentrate on the topic, not on learning.

If any student raises their voice to learn, the teacher without even wasting a second declares that “My dear this isn’t your stage to learn english”.

So I wished to ask each single teacher of Pakistan that when will the time come when our stage will begin?

I ask all of the respected teachers of Pakistan that when will the students will likely be provided with information of learning the English language and contemplating it as an important a part of life?

If a school isn’t the level to learn, if college isn’t the level to learn, even if the university isn’t the level to learn.

Will we start to learn on the job interview time? Will that’s our stage to learn?

I wished to ask this especially from these students who’re skillful of their fields however can’t even communicate a single English sentence on their very own.

Let’s suppose you go for a job interview, an interviewer begins a dialog with you in the English language.

Will, you have the ability to communicate with that particular person within the English Language that second though you’re the master of your area but still?

Won’t it’s a shameful moment for you? Do give it a thought and begin taking the English Language under consideration, please.


Each second Pakistani student dream to go overseas for greater education system. However do you consider your self on the stage to stay and study in overseas.

Mostly Pakistani dream to go UK, America, Canada, Australia. The reason for mentioning the names of those international locations is once more for the the English language.

English is the language which is widely and mostly spoken in all the mentioned above nations.

If you’re good in speaking the English language then you might be good to go, you may simply adjust your self there, you may communicate with them simply, you may study simply, and you are able to do your employment there simply.

However in case you are not English speaker, neither you’ll adjust there, nor folks will attempt to adjust and cooperate with you.

Okay, let’s suppose for a when you applied to go overseas, your application get approve and also you get the visa to go overseas and also you lastly reach the land as you have got wished.

However can you talk with the folks, can you understand the lecture that trainer will deliver completely in English?

Simply to dream isn’t sufficient, you need to work hard to fulfill your dream and make your self succesful enough.


What if we take a look at our authorities sectors, the situation is totally and extremely bad over right here. Even they don’t know the Significance of the English Language for Students.

The students will not be even taught topics correctly for learning English there may be next to impossible.

Now moving in the direction of the non-public (private) sector where even some poor and middle-class mother and father enroll their little one as a way to see them successful in the future and to study and understand English in a good way as it’s a global language.

If we have a look at the situations of our private sectors, they’re only supposed to spread their business; they don’t seem to be involved with the student’s future.


Following a couple of factors have to be considered to resolve and end up this situation from the roots:

  • The federal government and personal sectors each must be correctly checked and examined as a way to see whether or not they’re offering fundamental English information to their college students or not.
  • The teachers of all the topics have to be correctly examined that may they deliver the lecture in proper and easy English or not.
  • There needs to be correct trainers organized in educational sectors that assist students to extend their speaking skill.
  • An English test needs to be performed by the academics of all departments a minimum of once a year as a way to test their capability and stage.
  • The coach should have the ability to train students English language and communication so the students can communicate perfectly.
  • Seminars and workshops needs to be organized from lower stage to higher stage as a way to convey awareness relating to the significance and usefulness of an English language.


What if I share my personal experience; I heard the sentence “My dear this is not your level to learn and speak English and especially to deliver a presentation in English” so many times however I couldn’t argue with my teachers as they’re actually respectable for me.

I want to share my experience when I delivered my presentation in English and because of that day today I’m compelled to write over such a severe issue.

At some point I used to be delivering a presentation on an exciting subject of psychology. I hardly made 2 slides for my presentation however I offered for a roundabout for 20 minutes. I delivered the entire presentation in English.

During the presentation, I used to be feeling actually discouraged and upset by seeing the expressions of my viewers. They have been completely blank and their expressions make me really feel like they’re becoming bored.

Some have been yawning, some have been speaking with one another, and some have been laughing. However aside from all such expressions, I didn’t stop and I completed my presentation.

After I ended up my presentation, my teacher gave me really positive remarks and actually appreciated me for the information that I’ve shared relating to the subject.

However I got one negative comment that was you shouldn’t deliver the entire presentation in English because it is without doubt one of the presentation skills that you need to keep your viewers in thoughts while presenting.

My teacher mentioned that this isn’t your stage this is sort of a high level stage where we haven’t reached now. She is a good trainer and a extremely very respectable lady for me.

I couldn’t argue that second though I may say all this stuff that I wrote in my article, that was not the suitable time as a result of all my arguments would be considered as like I’m defending myself that I never wished to.


So in the present day I wrote this article not only as a result of I confronted that comment however as a result of 70% of students don’t wish to deliver a presentation in English whereas few of them hesitate to take action.

So by this article, I request each single teacher of Pakistan that please do focus and take into account the English language for learning and especially for delivering presentations.

it Will be probably  an amazing chance for you and on your students to excel more and more.

With the assistance of this, you may develop an amazing identification and an amazing picture of your nation on this planet around you. After which you’ll be considered as a proud Pakistani.

I’ve tried my level best to deliver my views on the Significance of the English Language for Students to my readers. I would love my readers to share this text more and more because this is a matter of our future.

Some college students requested:

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I’ll update you about that as soon as possible

Do give your suggestions within the comment part. Your suggestions will likely be extremely appreciated. I additionally welcome open criticism if you disagree even with my single point. I’d love to debate this with you.

Thanks for studying this text.

Hold reading and Studying. Do share it together with your family and friends.


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